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In the first week following a stroke while the patient becomes medically stable the Occupational therapist will: – Work closely with the PT regarding positioning and tonal changes, depending on how medically stable. – Work closely with the PT to establish safe moving and handling for all team members providing equipment such as hoists, sliding […]

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As the patient starts to recover and engage actively in therapy the Occupational therapist will – Begin to assess basic functional activities such as feeding, washing and dressing – Begin to assess cognitive status/ liaise with SALT /psychology – Liaise with family members and patient to establish social situation, previously held occupations, leisure interests, etc […]


Within limits of patients fatigue the Occupational therapist will: – Have completed a patient assessment establishing the physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional effects of the stroke on everyday functioning. – May have completed some standardised assessments of cognition (areas such as memory, attention) working in liaison with psychology and SALT.  


Develop client centred MDT goals. – Devised a programme focusing on increasing independence on activities of daily living such as dressing, kitchen tasks, leisure tasks using a graded approach. – Provided alternative strategies or equipment to complete tasks independently where possible. – Use outcome measures to establish progress.


Team planning for discharge with Patient, MDT and family.Consideration made to best environment for patient’s future rehabilitation either: – Intermediate care rehab environment – Early discharge supported Stroke rehab team (Home) – Discharge Home – Assessment for wheelchair/ electric indoor/ scooter outdoors


Occupational therapist leading home visit to establish home visit suitability of home environment, identifying potential equipment or adaptation needs. PT and OT often working together to identify solutions to mobility difficulties around the home environment such as steps and stairs. Referral to aids and adaptations team if required. Referral to equipment stores for equipment such […]


Community occupational therapy services may continue to support the patient with the following: – Appropriate equipment – Wheelchair assessment – Support in retuning to driving – Support returning to work (vocational rehabilitation) – Management of mental health, low mood, low self esteem Patient may be referred on to further services such as Assessment and Rehab […]